Beth Pancoe

President and CEO

Beth's life philosophy is "success is defined not by what you accumulate, but by what you give - the shadow you cast along the way". The SDI Construction logo embodies that philosophy, and it is Beth's wish that both she and the company she founded continue to cast a shadow of good works throughout the region. In that, she has already succeeded. Despite the demands of operating a thriving business, Beth is as widely known for her philanthropic work as well as for her business acumen.

A native of North Carolina, Beth is married to Walter Pancoe. When she's not busy working, she can often be found at River House on the Black River, enjoying the company of her grandchildren and friends in the home she designed.

Forrest Dearborn Hedden

Vice President/Secretary

Forrest Hedden has always had interests in building. His skills in overcoming and developing resolution to construction issues are an asset. These skills were honed during his years in the Navy where he trained and served as a Navy Seal. As might be expected, he enjoys the unusual, unique, and difficult challenges that renovation and restoration work presents. And these unusual skills continue as you see the house where he harvested the wood, cut the beams, and built on the River House. Yes, the same house his sister, Beth Pancoe designed.

Forrest also believes in casting his shadow across the community by contributing to and helping others. Forrest, with other community members, started High Places, which was a program designed to take young people rock climbing and rappelling to build character and overcome fears. A climbing tower was designed and built by Forrest and SDI for this program. Forrest also quietly serves his community by helping people one on one.